Valpak | Staten Island & Greater Brooklyn

Our goal,  "Madison Avenue for Small Business," to deliver the benefits of a full-time marketing director to the small business owner, the engine that drives the economy. Our "Think Like A Consumer" approach to the marketplace helps us identify with business owners and consumers and provide cost-effective solutions that work.

Valpak has brought the latest technologies and progressive marketing solutions to the small business owners of Staten Island and Brooklyn. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that provides essential digital media solutions, in addition to our Direct Mail services, for more powerful results.

As a trusted resource for local advertisers,  we provide insight into the consumer buying experience and increase sales for local, regional and national businesses.

Through demographic and purchase power insights, we target consumers with 33% more income than the U.S. average. Valpak households spend:

  • 17% more on medical doctor visits
  • 22% more on personal care at beauty salons
  • 26% more on accounting professional services
  • 23% more at full-service restaurants
  • 19% more at retail furniture shops
  • 13% more on automotive maintenance and repairs
  • 28% more on entertainment event tickets
  • 33% more on fitness and gym memberships
  • 23% more on home improvement