Coren Law Group

In the words of J. Rockefeller

"that in the very nature of things employers and employees are partners, not enemies; that their interests are common not opposed; that in the long run the success of one depends on the success of the other”.

Whether you operate a business with five employees or hundreds, our firm can provide meaningful assistance with a broad range of challenges – from single employee concerns to complex, class actions and all types of construction and hospitality industry matters. Representing employers for over 4o years, we know how to defend companies, owners and managers when it comes to employment, human resource, construction and corporate issues – whether they are current difficulties or those you fear might arise in the future.

We handle labor and employment cases for many different businesses – restaurants, retailers, contractors, service providers and medical professionals. We regularly deal with state and federal labor wage and hour compliance (Fair Labor Standards Act – FLSA and NY Labor Law – NYLL), Minimum Wage, Overtime, Wage Payment, Family/Medical Leave (FMLA), Health and Safety (OSHA), federal collective bargaining labor law (NLRA), Leave Laws, Mass Layoffs (WARN),, Unemployment Age Discrimination (ADEA), Disability Discrimination (ADA), Discrimination Laws, and more.